Based on a ground-up approach, our stack of next generation monitoring and interception technologies distinguishes itself from conventional solutions by providing a modular and extendable architecture with features designed for intelligence assimilation, advanced analytics, monitoring disparate services, resource and infrastructure management among many others and finds its place in diverse sectors.

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IntelliCloud, a Private Platform as a Service (PaaS) provides core services as security, data-source integration, and application level messaging and notification. With centralized notification and messaging that feed a flexible process management engine gives IntelliCloud an edge in advanced data processing and management capabilities.

Core support for integration of legacy as well as network data sources in combination with add-on modules designed for proprietary or binary data (ASN.1) allows the arbitrary corelation of data in a unified fashion, thus opening completely new avenues of data visualization and analytics.

Extendable Architecture

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Built with future extensiblity as the primary focus, the IntelliCloud Platform provides an API for the seamless integration of the most relevant social media networks out of the box.

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Advanced Analytics & Search

At the core of our unique search and analytics features lies the power of big-data analytics. In the case of packet and circuit switched data, this means that dynamic DPI is a standard feature which can be further augmented for domain specific data analysis for information enrichment and reporting in real time.
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Auditing & Alarming

Provides support for auditing and alarming
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Distributed Storage & Replication

Provides features to allow distributed memory caching, clustered storage, big data analytics
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Integrated User Management

Provides seamless integration with access directory, ldap, and oauth capable interfaces
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Device Independence

Based on state of the art AJAX, HTML5 and other server side frameworks allows usage from mobile devices in a seamless fashion
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Geolocation Ready

Provides integration with mapping servers ( internally managed) as well as google maps & third party mapping software providers such as ArcGIS
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Cloud Capable

Designed from the ground up, the IntelliCloud platform bring carrier grade resilience out of the box.
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Integrated Workflow & Process Management

Provides an integrated core engine to execute secheduled and human assigned tasks