The modular approach adopted in the implementation allows us to maintain a flexible and configurable core while retaining the performance capabilities of conventional systems. This allows our solutions to be applied in the following sectors to name but a few:

  • Public safety infrastructure

  • National defense

  • Detecting commercial and financial fraud

  • Enterprise Investigations

  • Academic Institutions

  • Research Organizations

  • Call center management

  • Risk compliance solutions

  • Social Network Monitoring and Analytics

GlassCube sectors - Public safety infrastructure

Public Safety Infrastructure

The key to successfully managing infrastructures requires the capability to gain meaningful insight and the ability to toggle the infrastructure quickly and efficiently. With an extremely configurable core, our solutions allow adaption to virtually any business model and allow an additional layer of control to manage infrastructural assets.

Be it from the management of large telecommunication infrastructures, to the visual management of a power grid, the GlassCube analytics Platform has something special for each use case.

Tap into the power of visualizing your network topology to gain advanced insights in bottlenecks in your business or organizational process to handle problems preemptively.

Financial Institutions

Be it the analysis of petabyte scale data or the sifting of information for tracking financial transactions, the linking of these transactions to incidental information and enhancing it with transcription information, the GlassCube analytics Platform allows for seamless integration with and across existing investments in legacy or enterprise infrastructures for big data analysis and exploration.

Being capable of deployment on COTS (commercial off the shelf) hardware environments the GlassCube analytics Platform is capable of scaling across heterogeneous IT landscapes, thus, allowing setups as small as single server installations for activities such as auditing and financial reporting to private or public cloud scale architectures serving financial institutions such as SwiftNET.