Employer Branding

With the changing work force and employee career aspiration, employer branding has gained momentum in the last few years.

We function as brand ambassadors to our clients and ensure that candidates are briefed about the distinct value proposition offered by our clients thus enhancing the market visibility of our clients as credible an reliable organizations to work for.

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Our values - Partner centric approach


In our recruitment activities, we like to see our clients as partners rather than customers and carry out our activities as  when we would be hiring internally. Following that approach,  enables us to understand the requirement needs of our clients, assess candidates more efficiently, augment their sourcing requirements based on our accumulated experience from the industry and ensure business continuity in light of the developing recruitment trends in the market.


Our clients are leaders in their field of work and entrust us with recruitment contracts based on the trust we have won from them by providing them candidates that are suitable for the job within monetary and financial constraints.

We like to maintain this relationship with them, honor our commitments and conduct business in a manner that promotes fairness, respect, honesty and trust towards all parties.
GlassCube values - Reliabilty
GlassCube values - Teamwork


Built upon a foundation of teamwork and collaboration, we integrate our stakeholders in every step of the recruitment process by continuously keeping them abreast with the current status.Whether it is a client on the lookout for new hires or a candidate seeking a position befitting his or her qualifications, they accompany us through the process in generating value for all parties involved.


In a market saturated with recruiters and candidates alike, innovation is our gateway to recognition.Be it the formulation of the job requirements, the analysis of suitable candidates for a given position or the predictive forecasting of the retention period of a candidate, we consistently apply innovative methodologies, strategies, tools and technologies to leverage our recruitment efforts.
GlassCube values - Innovation